Bristol Myers Squibb has been a long-time partner of the Department of Chemistry, sponsoring research and supporting Princeton's pipeline of early-career chemists.


A global pharmaceutical company based in Princeton's Central New Jersey backyard, Bristol Myers Squibb has collaborated with Princeton researchers to advance synthetic organic chemistry. The company has also actively supported and tapped into Princeton's pipeline of up-and-coming chemists, underwriting lecturerships and fellows, hosting student interns and participating in career development activities for undergraduate and graduate students.

In 1983, Bristol Myers Squibb established an endowed Squibb Professorship in Molecular Biology, which is currently held by Bonnie Bassler.

Princeton Catalysis Initiative

In 2019, BMS joined an elite group of biopharma companies as a founding sponsor of the Princeton Catalysis Initiative (PCI). PCI is an innovative effort to catalyze interdisciplinary collaborations between industry and molecular, physical, biological, and social scientists who conduct high-impact research across disparate fields of study. By uniting historically distinct areas, PCI aims to unleash new thinking and accelerate the creation of novel technologies and groundbreaking applications. Professor of Chemistry David Macmillan, a 2021 Nobel laureate in chemistry, led the creation of the Princeton Catalysis Initiative. Through the Initiative, BMS has participated in annual symposiums and research collaborations with Princeton researchers and other PCI members.

For more information on Princeton research sponsored by Bristol Myers Squibb, search the Research with Princeton database.

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