Ludwig Cancer branch at Princeton unveils website, recruits researchers, calls for proposals

Sept. 6, 2022

The Princeton Branch of the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research is actively recruiting faculty and researchers and also calling for research funding proposals.

The funding proposal deadline is October 1.

These opportunities, as well as information on current research priorities and publications, can be found on the recently-launched website of the Ludwig Princeton Branch.

Announced in April 2021, this new Branch of the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research aims to advance the science of cancer and metabolism, leading to innovative strategies using diet and drugs to prevent and treat cancer. 

The Branch is led by Director Joshua Rabinowitz of Princeton’s Department of Chemistry and the Lewis-Sigler Institute of Genomics; Associate Director Eileen White of Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey and Rutgers University; and Founding Member Yibin Kang of Princeton’s Department of Molecular Biology.

The Ludwig Princeton Branch was founded to draw upon “Princeton’s breadth of excellence in fundamental science to drive real-world breakthroughs at the cutting edge of cancer care.” In little more than a year, Princeton collaborators already include faculty from ecology and evolutionary biology; mechanical and aerospace engineering; molecular biology, chemistry,  bioengineering,  genomics, and computer science. 

The Branch also collaborates with researchers from Harvard, Rutgers Cancer Institute of NJ and the University of Pennsylvania.

Questions about Branch employment and funding opportunities should be directed to Panina Zaurov,  pzaurov at