CEFR welcomes new teammates

July 27, 2022

The team of friendly faces ready to assist you in the Office of Corporate Engagement and Foundation Relations has seen some changes in the first half of 2022. Please join us in welcoming three new team members.

Sacha Patera, Senior Associate CEFR Director, joins Princeton from Rutgers

Alexandra “Sacha” Patera joined CEFR as a Sr. Associate Director on June 13. Sacha brings valuable industry engagement experience as a chemist trained in biophysics, structural biology and rational drug design. Sacha is passionate about the importance of external partnerships to a thriving academic research ecosystem and has been building and brokering relationships in support of research, technology, and innovation for over a dozen years. Most recently, Sacha served as Associate Vice President at Rutgers leading a university-wide Corporate Engagement Center, which provided a front door into Rutgers and managed comprehensive and strategic long-term partnerships. Before joining Rutgers, Sacha held corporate relations positions at Dartmouth College and Northwestern University.  

Sacha is co-author of "Five Essential Elements of a Successful Twenty-First Century University Corporate Relations Program” (NACRO, 2011). She is passionate about societal diversity and the professional development of scientists. Her early career experience includes biomedical research, managing an interdisciplinary PhD training program, creating professional development training for graduate students, postdocs, and early career faculty. Sacha has been deeply committed to and involved in contributing to systemic diversity, equity, and inclusion in academia (and society) for over twenty years. 

Sacha holds a biochemistry BS from McGill University, a chemistry PhD from Brandeis University and a business executive education certification from Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management.  

Maureen Thompson-Siegel, Associate Director, moves internally to CEFR after 20 years at ORPA

Maureen Thompson-Siegel, a long-time senior grants and contract administrator in the Office of Research and Project Administration at Princeton, joined the Corporate Engagement and Foundation Relations team as an Associate Director on April 25.

As a key member of the CEFR team, Maureen builds partnerships and collaborations with external organizations to advance Princeton’s research and innovation initiatives. She will work with SEAS faculty, centers and initiatives, as well as SPIA faculty; and will support the Princeton Alliance for Collaborative Research and Innovation initiative with HBCU partners.

Maureen brings more than 20 years of research administration experience to CEFR. She started at ORPA in 2002 where she has had a diverse set of responsibilities, serving a wide range of academic departments. Prior to coming to Princeton, Maureen spent five years at Rutgers University in research administration. Previously, she was a renovation project manager in New York City for more than 15 years.

Maureen holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Arts from the New York Institute of Technology.

Stasie Ryan-Bicek joins Princeton with administrative experience in the legal field

Stasie Ryan-Bicek, CEFR’s new administrative assistant was previously an executive assistant/scheduling coordinator with the law firm of Wright McLeod in Georgia. Originally from Southern California, Stasie has also worked for Sports Authority in her home state. Stasie is in the process of finishing her Bachelor of Applied Science degree in business administration/office technology. Her first day in CEFR was July 11.

Best wishes to our departing teammates

Sacha and Maureen take over from Chip Hay and Spencer Reynolds, although the team has realigned assignments to partners and departments to better fit the new team.

Spencer remains located in the CEFR office in an affiliated role: He is now University Director for the independent National Security Innovation Network (NSIN). Princeton has established a new strategic partnership with NSIN. As part of Princeton's broader innovation efforts, Spencer will be coordinating NSIN programs and opportunities on campus, bringing together University-based problem solvers and early-stage venture communities in order to help generate new solutions to real-world challenges. 

Chip Hay, CEFR's long-time representative on the West Coast, has retired.

Stasie takes the place of Vineeta Bhardwaj, who has joined the Office of Research Integrity and Assurance within the Dean for Research.