High Water Line: New Jersey is a public-facing project for spring 2022 organized by Christina Gerhardt, the 2021-22 Barron Visiting Professor in the Environmental Humanities in the High Meadows Environmental Institute, that will walk and chalk New Jersey’s future shoreline as projected by science.

Apr 13, 2022, 12:00 pmMay 4, 2022, 1:30 pm
Betts Auditorium (PUID holders only)


Event Description

A series of panels will engage the public in understanding the impacts of sea-level rise on the New Jersey shoreline by examining the science related to sea-level rise, how the humanities can translate and make science more accessible, and the solutions that engineering and policy can offer.

Use the link in the sidebar to register to attend in Princeton’s Betts Auditorium (PUID holders only) or via Zoom livestream (open to all) — panel speakers and links to more information are below. Face coverings are REQUIRED for in-person attendance.


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April 13・Noon-1:30PM

Presenting the Science

  • Benjamin Strauss, CEO and Chief Scientist, Climate Central
  • Robert Kopp, Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences and Co-director of the University Office of Climate Action, Rutgers University
  • Lisa Auermuller, Assistant Manager, Rutgers University/Jacques Cousteau National Estuarine Research Reserve

April 20・Noon-1:30PM

Translating Science Into Art

  • Karen Florini, Vice President for Programs, Climate Central
  • Jeff Whetstone, Director and Professor of Visual Arts in the Lewis Center for the Arts, Princeton University
  • Dawn DeDeaux, Multimedia Artist, New Orleans

May 4・Noon-1:30PM


  • Mario Gandelsonas, Class of 1913 Lecturer in Architecture and Professor of School of Architecture, Princeton University
  • A.R. Siders, Assistant Professor in the Disaster Research Center, University of Delaware
  • James Waltman, Executive Director, The Watershed Institute

High Meadows Environmental Institute