The Industry and Innovation Network (I2N) brings together staff members from various University departments who have a shared interest in collaborating with corporate partners in support of the University’s mission.

The Industry and Innovation Network group's goals are:

  • To enhance communication between staff members from different departments, including academic departments, centers and programs, athletics, advancement and central administration.
  • To increase connection and awareness of corporate outreach staff across campus departments
  • To facilitate collaboration between University and industry partners with an emphasis on network expansion
  • To identify new industry partners
  • To provide support for ongoing and future opportunities and projects.

2024 I2N Meeting Schedule

I2N meets quarterly. This year's meeting dates are as follows:

January 16th, Robertson Hall 002 Bowl, 11:30-1:30

April 17th, 2024 11:30-1:30 

July 2024

October 2024


Membership in I2N spans various departments from across campus. If you or someone from your team is interested in learning more or joining I2N and the I2N Microsoft Teams channel, please email Maureen Thompson-Siegel or Michael Hegarty 

Corporate Engagement and Foundation Relations

  • Benjamin Kim 
  • Coleen Burrus
  • Dan Day
  • Dean R. R. Edelman 
  • Jessica R. Pilotti 
  • Jessie Skinnider 
  • Jill E. Jahn 
  • Kelly J. Freidenfelds 
  • Maureen Thompson-Siegel
  • Michael J. Hegarty 
  • Michael R. Hodges 
  • Rajiv Hota 
  • Stasie L Bicek 
  • Spencer D. Kimball

Office of the Dean for Research

  • Alaina O'Regan - Office of the Dean for Research.
  • Catherine L. Zandonella
  • Mary H. Sym

Research and Project Administration

  • Anne M. Ochiai
  • Elizabeth H. Adams
  • Francine Taylor
  • John Jenkins
  • Liz T. Powell 

Office of Technology Licensing and Intellectual Property

  • Anthony J. Williams
  • Cortney L Cavanaugh 
  • Prabhpreet S. Gill

Engineering and Applied Sciences

  • Baffour W. Osei 
  • Jane R. Maggard 
  • Kaitlin G. Lutz 
  • Raphael L. Aryeetey 
  • Steven M. Schultz 

Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment

  • Charles M. Sharpless 
  • Diane Carlino 
  • Vivian F. Fuhrman

Office of the Vice Dean for Innovation

  • Craig B. Arnold
  • Christina A. Pellicane
  • Vanessa Calu 
  • Anne-Marie Maman - Princeton Entrepreneurship Council

Molecular Biology

  • Christina J. DeCoste
  • Gary S. Laevsky
  • Philip D. Jeffrey
  • Saw Kyin 

Keller Center for Innovation in Engineering Education

  • Cornelia S. Huellstrunk 
  • Stephanie J. Landers

Center for Economic Policy Studies

  • Dana L. Molina

Office of State Affairs

  • David M. Reiner
  • Maura M. Fennessy
  • Nicole S. Moen

Research Integrity and Assurance

  • Hope M. Caldwell 

Princeton Plasma Physics Lab

  • David M. Zimmerman
  • Chris Wright

Princeton Catalysis Initiative

  • Ian W. Davies 

Office of the Dean of the Graduate School

  • Evangeline Kubu 
  • James M. Van Wyck

Princeton School of Public and International Affairs

  • Keely C Swan

Princeton Materials Institute

  • Nan Yao

National Security Innovation Network

  • Spencer J. Reynolds Jr.

University Advancement 

  • Thomas P. Roddenbery


  • Troy B. Ewanchyna

Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics

  • Wei Wang