Princeton faculty are at the forefront of research instrumental to solving critical problems for societal well-being.

SPE works with faculty, industry, nonprofits, government and other external partners to develop mutually beneficial relationships that will accelerate discovery and innovation and promote the University's educational, scientific, and scholarly mission. The key to successful research collaborations with Princeton is strong alignment with the core academic and research strengths of the University. 

Many collaborations with Princeton begin with a sponsored research project but additional opportunities for engagement abound.

We encourage you to:

  • Explore Research with Princeton, a database designed to help you identify Princeton researchers in the STEM and policy fields whose work may align with your research interests. The database also provides information about the University’s core scientific facilities that are available for external partners
  • Consider extending your organization's collaboration with Princeton beyond sponsored research projects. Some opportunities are highlighted below.
  • Contact a strategic partnership specialist to explore and craft the relationship with Princeton that is unique to your organization.

When you have these two tremendous research communities that exist side-by-side, it’s almost nonsensical not to build bridges between the two, taking what we are developing here and moving it towards really important applications.

—Professor David Macmillan, 2021 Nobel laureate in chemistry, on academic–industry collaboration

Corporate Affiliate Programs

Corporate affiliate programs allow companies to have deep, substantive and ongoing dialog with Princeton faculty to explore research that may contribute to solving critical problems facing society and industry.

Core Research Facilities

Princeton University offers top-of-the-line scientific research facilities that welcome external users. Each facility has its own fee structure and participation requirements. Training is available. 

Postdoctoral fellow in a facemask is conducting an experiment in a lab with a scale and a blue balloon attached to a glass tube.

Support Fellowships

Graduate students and postdoctoral associates are essential to accelerating discoveries in academic research. Fellowships are synergistic—they provide a way for companies to directly interact with students and learn about their research. Students in turn gain important insight from technology leaders.

A Princeton student stands in front of Princeton University energy technology with three advisors to his senior thesis on reducing campus energy consumption

Sponsor a Capstone Project

Capstone Projects are large, significant projects with real-world applications for upper-level undergraduate students. Partners can help to suggest and shape student Capstone Projects.

Connect across campus

Four students standing outside in a city with a sign with an icon for their company related to solar-powered water purification.

Credit: Princeton University, Office of Communications, Sameer A. Khan/Fotobuddy (2018)

Student being interviewed by video conference