We are determined, creative and experienced at building collaborations and connecting Princeton researchers with external partners and resources.

The Partnership Team

The Princeton University Corporate Engagement and Foundation Relations (CEFR) team is a specialized group of professionals who help to establish and nurture relationships that will support Princeton University’s research mission. Our engagement specialists are creative, committed and experienced at building collaborations and connecting Princeton researchers with external partners and resources.

What we do

The CEFR strategic partnership specialists work to build relationships between Princeton researchers and external partners, including industry, foundations, government and academia.

CEFR also includes a full support team dedicated to ongoing stewardship and communications; proposal development; and the announcement of award programs and funding opportunities from all sources.

The CEFR team:

  • Provides assistance with development of research proposals to industry and foundations.
  • Identifies and disseminates resources for research funding opportunities - Gateway and bi-weekly funding digest.
  • Provides ongoing stewardship of external partners.
  • Does outreach and communications related to industry and foundation collaborations including partnerships stories, press releases, and the Research with Princeton portal.
  • Develops and supports initiatives, both on-campus and off, to foster collaborations with Princeton.

Who we work with 

A global map with orange dots delineating partnerships between Princeton and industry

Princeton researchers collaborate with partners around the globe. Source: Research With Princeton database.

Part of the Dean for Research, CEFR works with:

  • Faculty and researchers from all disciplines across the University.
  • External partners from all sectors including industry, government, foundations, nonprofits and academia; and across the U.S. and from around the world.

Contact us and let's get started.

Whether you are at Princeton or an external organization, we encourage you to contact us to explore how collaboration can advance science, innovation and scholarship for societal benefit.



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The CEFR team supports collaborations from idea through agreement, from accounting through communications. We're here to help.

Strategic Initiatives

CEFR develops and expands strategic systemic initiatives that connect Princeton faculty with partners to advance research.